Meow Amor Creative

My name is Cynthia the designer, illustrator and Owner of Meow Amor Creative based in California. Meow Amor Creative is a cat-themed stationery and accessories brand. Meow Amor is a play on words to mean "My Love" in Spanish!

Design and illustration has always been my passion, but my first cat, Bruce, is the reason I love to draw cats! Now I have another inspiration my kitty Waffles adopted in 2020.

I want to share the joy of drawing cats with others by bringing you adorable stationery designs, pins, and accessories that you can use every day or gift to a fellow cat lover.

I started in 2017 as a hobby and to my surprise a community of fellow cat enthusiast really enjoyed my artwork which motivated me to create more.

After years of working on my small business while balancing working as a full time graphic designer I finally decided to take the leap in 2021 to pursue Meow Amor Creative full time! It’s exciting and a little scary, but I’m so excited for the pawssibilities!

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Waffles   Waffles in blanket   


Bruce   Bruce   Bruce